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Blackmoor Golf Club Seniors
Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 7th October 2021


Derek Williams, Paul Clarke, Geoffrey Onoufriou, Ray Leigh, John Morris, Roy Boxall, Bob Borzych, Richard Blake, Colin Berry, Nigel Everett, Barrie Lock, David Frost, David Elcome, Ed Jenner, Mike Cave, Chris lngram, Kevin Connolly, Bob Rodwell, Brian Chambers, Clive Russell, John Hawkins, Ross Sellers, David Worsley, Nigel Barrow, Maurice Bonner, Chris Burton, Dennis Brooker, Martin Bell, Tony Berriman, Michael Burkie, Chris Kinge, lan Whyte, Bob Hudson, Terry Atkinson.

Apologies were received from Mike Steevens, John Reyersbach, Richard Frost, Nigel Brewerton, Charles Gordon, Graeme Roberts.

1 A.G.M. on 1st October 2020
The minutes of the previous A.G.M. were unanimously approved and there were no matters arising.

2  Captain's Report (Clive Russell)

Since October 2020, when I became Seniors Captain the country and our club have had a rocky ride with COVID restrictions changing on a regular basis. The normal Captains Drive ln did not take place because Dennis and Frances were serving their second years. However, they very kindly arranged for us to have huge port and brandies on the first tee of The Captains Charity Drive ln. My drive hit the first fairway but after that it is all went a bit fuzzy. ln early November Boris banned golf and the devil finds work for idle hands, so Vice Captain Nigel Barrow and I set about updating and rewriting the Seniors Welcome Pack; which was later put on the Club website, by Nigel, rather than having it as an email. lt is hoped that the pack is now more user friendly. ln early December very restricted golf and clubhouse use was available, but this was a false dawn and in early January golf was banned. Golf restarted in late March following which the rules were gradually relaxed. Our first friendly match was at West Surrey on 26th April with a simple meal on their patio afterwards, thank goodness it
was sunny. Our first competition was the Kench Cup on 28th April followed by the Derek Williams Salver on 3rd May. I think everyone was overjoyed that the freedom to play golf and socialise, albeit on a controlled basis, had been restored.

The events which stood out to me were:

The Away Day at Hockley where the sun shone brightly and the fairways ran, however, the rough was up. This was endured with stoical good humour - by most! The good humour continued in the clubhouse with John Morris being a brilliant Fines Master raising over £300.00 for our charity this year, The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice. The real reason we were there of course was to celebrate Derek Williams birthday with cake, fizz and a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday.

The Seniors lnvitation and Guest went very well largely due to it being masterminded by David Worsley. Our guests were very complimentary about both the event and the course. Just over £300 was raised for the Phylis Tuckwell Hospice thanks to Linda Warren and her registration team for selling so many sweep tickets.

The Seniors Captains Charity Day was well attended and enjoyed with some very good play.  The top three scores were from Peter Holden (38 pts), Tony James (36 pts) and John Reyersbach (35pts). Special thanks to Linda Warren's ladies for operating the registration desk and sale of charity tickets, Jean Teuten and Michele England who acted as our starters, Steve and Dawn for the scoreboard & twos and finally Nigel Barrow for overseeing the event. The day raised over £1,700 from the auction, raffle, and members generous donations, well done everyone. The day will of course only be remembered for the Fish & Chips - excellent quality!!

I wish to thank the many members of the senior’s section who have been very supportive over the last year, the Seniors events and matches take place because the members of the committee and match managers put in so much work, but our members support of our efforts is vital. This support is made evident by your continued charitable giving. ln October we will be able to give Phyllis Tuckwell a cheque for over £4,000, this is in addition to the very generous individual £1,000 donation. Becoming Captain at very short notice with no preparation meant I have been on a steep learning curve. I have been very lucky to have a supportive committee and thank you all for your
efforts in the year. My special thanks go to David Worsley, the immediate past captain who has been an absolute stalwart and a mine of information.  Nigel Barrow has been a most supportive Vice Captain and it will be a great pleasure to hand over
the Captaincy to him knowing the Senior's section will be in good hands.

Clive Russell

3  Treasurer's Report (Terry Atkinson)
1st September 2020 to 31st August 2021
(Approved by the attendees)
This has been my first year where all competitions bar the Christmas Cup have been played. My comments on the year are as follows.

These have held up well and are the bedrock of our profit, covering expenses and engraving. lt is proposed to keep these at £5pa.

The Seniors Open and The Invitation & Guest
These are the two biggest generators of profit for the Seniors section. (All competition income is paid out as prizes.) The profit is retained until it is paid to the Club in respect of agreed club projects, subject to a retention by the Seniors of £2,000 for the costs of future events i.e. The Seniors Open and The lnvitation & Guest day. This year £2,500 has been reserved for Club projects. Our thanks must go to Charles Gordon and David Worsley for their hard work in organising these events. 

Miscellaneous Expenses

This includes, print post; stationery and other running costs. Going forward, the costs of the outgoing senior's captain's clothing will be itemised in the accounts under miscellaneous.

An accrual of £100 has been made for cheques made payable, but not yet cashed to charities on behalf of Bill Lilley who sadly died recently. The Captain’s charity has been very successful this year thanks to the generosity of members, visitors at our open and invitation day and the raffle for golf shoes run by the Club for its own, the Ladies, and the Seniors charities. A number of members have also donated the funds where they duplicated payment of their subs!

Terry Atkinson Seniors Treasurer

4  Elections
The following Officers and Committee members, who were all duly proposed and seconded, were elected tor 2022
Captain:- Nigel Barrow
Vice-Captain:- Graeme Roberts
Treasurer:- Terry Atkinson
Committee member:- Bob Borzych
Under the Seniors constitution the Captain and the Vice-Captain were elected for one year and the others were elected to serve for two years.  The other committee members are Chris Kinge, Geoffrey Onoufriou, Ross Sellers, Michael Burkie, Clive Russell
The resolution to maintain the Annual Seniors members section subscription at £5 was approved although there was considerable discussion on this topic. Ray Leigh raised the question as to whether the £5 annual subscription was discriminatory, but the nature of this discrimination is unclear. The majority of the attendees were happy with the status quo and supported the resolution. However, Nigel Barrow and Clive Russell agreed to discuss with the Chairman whether there was an alternative workable solution to the alleged problem.

Chris Burton asked for an update as to whether roll ups would restart, and if so, when?
Bob Borzych replied that an announcement would shortly be made by the club on this matter.

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