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 Blackmoor Seniors - New Members Welcome Pack



Welcome to the Seniors section in Blackmoor GC with approximately 150 members.  It is open to any members over the age of 60 or who have their 60th Birthday in the current subscription year of the club. 


Membership and entry to the Seniors competitions requires a small investment of £5 pa which covers the incidental expenses of running our competitions and friendlies.  The preferred payment method is by BACS.  As a last resort please put cash in an envelope marked with your name and Senior’s subscription in the Club office letter box or pro shop.  Renewals are due on or before the 1st November.


BACS details as follows:-


Account Name:        Blackmoor GC Seniors

Account No:              51075462

Sort Code:                 40-08-21

Ref:                             Name (J Bloggs) - SUBS


The following section details:



The Club Computer System

Competition entry and Scoring

Seniors Roll-Ups

Seniors Friendly matches

Seniors Committee



Competitions - If you like competitions, there are 17 stableford or medal events in addition to a Seniors Captains day, Seniors invitation day and two competitions against the Ladies section.  In the winter, the seniors enter the Penang trophy.  Each team of 10 play in a four ball better ball format, where our team is drawn from a squad and we play home and away against 5 other clubs.

There are two rolling summer and winter competitions.  A winter and summer Eclectic competition where you combine the best score on each hole from 8 rounds played over a few months.  In the Summer Eclectic, 2 cards must be from competitions and text/email to Bob Borzych. Before playing your name must be entered into the book in the Pro shop otherwise your score won’t count.

Over the winter months there is The Pumphrey Tankards, a pairs foursomes match play competition where players paired at random.  In the summer there is an individual match play competition called the Lock Cup.

An order of merit cup is awarded to the senior with the best results in 8 competitions over the Summer

Details of entry for these events and roll ups can be found below.

Prizes in Senior Competitions will only be awarded to Seniors who are fully paid-up members of the club and have paid their annual Seniors Subs prior to entering the competition.


Roll-ups - To get to know people, we run Seniors roll ups on Mondays and Thursdays.  There are also many informal groups who will welcome new members so come along and introduce yourself.  Details are emailed each month and also available here.

Seniors Friendlies - If you are out for a bit of fun, Seniors Friendlies are held throughout the year with home and away visits to 25 excellent clubs. 


The Club Computer System


The club operates the Intelligent Golf system and is accessed via the club website . All new members to the club are given a username & pin number when they join. Using this, you can access the members section of the website.


The club website is at the center of all golfing activity except for social golf and roll ups. Here you will find a mine of information including;


A Seniors section –

A directory of all members -

A diary of all events for the current year -

Details of upcoming competitions -

Results of all finalized competitions -

Your handicap record

Your handicap certificate

Your current bar account


.. and much more.


It is important that all members check the website on a regular basis.


Competition Entry and Scoring

The club website hosts details of all club and senior competitions.  A word of warning here.  Competitions spaces are filled very quicky so if you do want to enter an event set an alarm in your diary so you are reminded to enter on time.  Our Pro Steve does run an unofficial reserve list so please let him know if you cannot enter but still want to play.  There are nearly always last minute withdrawals.

To enter a competition, look at Upcoming Competitions on the website or look at the individual days in the Diary function.  Entry opens on the date specified on the Upcoming Competition page.

If a competition is open for entry, click on the competition and you will be given the option to enter yourself and up to 2 other people at your chosen tee time.  Times are on a first come first serve basis.

If, after entry, you find that you are unable to play, please remove yourself from the list by going back into the competition and selecting “Remove”.

Ordinarily results are entered on a terminal in the Pro shop.   Log in, select the competition and input your score on the touch screen. The computer will calculate the gross & handicap totals. Check that these tally with those on the card. Also, ensure that you and the marker sign your card correctly, and then place the card in the competition box provided.

Of course, these are not ordinary times so to avoid any unnecessary contact the following process is implemented for scoring. 

You need to download the Intelligent Golf (IG) app.  Here you will find:

Your handicap record

Competitions you have entered and a facility to score

your matches,

Clubhouse bar balance,

Latest news

Course information. 


Make sure your phone is charged when you come to the club.

You fill in a card for your partner and put your own score in the marker section.  At the end of the round confirm the scores with your partner and only you sign the card.  Open the IG app, enter your score (not your partners) and then take a photo of the card and register it in your partners name.  Check that all the data has uploaded with the pro shop.

There are a small number of competitions where a tee time is not pre-allocated e.g. the Winter League. In this case, you will need to indicate on the website that you wish to enter (together with a partner for 4-ball & foursomes events). Once again, check the Upcoming Comps/Diary for these.


There are also a small number of special events that are handled by sign-up sheets. Check the locker room notice board regularly for details of these.



further information on Seniors Competitions visit h ttp://


Seniors Roll-Ups


Roll-ups are an excellent way for new members to meet other Seniors in a friendly, competitive but social environment.


Normal roll-up times are:   

09.30 a.m. on Mondays during November to March

09.30 a.m. on Mondays during April to October

 08.30 a.m. on Thursdays during November to March

08.30 a.m. on Thursdays in April to October


An email is sent out prior to each month giving any time or tee alterations due to societies, competitions etc.


(Currently Suspended Due To Corona Virus)


All Seniors that have paid the subscription will receive an email at the start of each month, informing them of any changes to the above times and any conflicts with other events such as societies, matches, etc.


To play in a roll-up, meet outside the Men’s locker room by the putting green, approx 15-20 minutes before the stated start time. Balls go in the hat 10 mins before start time.


If you anticipate being late e.g. delay in traffic, please call the Pro shop and let them know.


The format is normally 3 ball Stableford, depending on the total number of roll-up participants. The fee is £2 which is payable to the organizer in the clubhouse after the game. Cash prizes are awarded for the best Stableford scores, depending on the number competing.


10% of entrance fees go into the Seniors Captains Charity box. Rollup Handicaps are reduced for all of that season, normally one shot for winning and one shot if scoring more than 40 points (even if you do not win!).  This does not affect you club handicap.


Seniors Matches

The Seniors section play approx. 50 friendly matches, home & away, against other golf clubs including West Surrey, Liphook, Hindhead, North Hants, etc. This is an excellent way of playing exceptional courses & meeting new friends in a competitive environment.

Matches are generally 4-ball better ball, with teams of either 6 or 8 pairs on each side and played on week days.

Each Home/Away fixture has a Match Manager whose job it is to pick the team in conjunction with the Senior Captain, arrange with the opposing captain, and generally ensure the smooth running of the fixture.

Match managers and fixture dates here:

All matches are followed by lunch, which is generally jacket & tie. Some clubs are opting for a more casual approach and the Match Manager will inform those selected.

There is a match fee that for home matches is in the region of £17/£20 depending on whether a 2 course or 3 course lunch is taken. The away fee is normally in the same range except for a few clubs which may be slightly higher. If the away match is played first, those selected will be required to pay an additional £10 which goes towards the players home match cost. If for any reason you are not able to play the return home fixture, then this sum will be forfeited and will be passed onto the player taking your place

For home matches, we are the hosts and expected to pay for half way hut drinks/food and drinks and wine in the clubhouse. This should be shared by our two Blackmoor players in each team.

To make yourself available as a Seniors Squad member, click on "Competitions" and then click "View All squads"

Scroll down to “Seniors Summer Friendly Matches” or "Seniors Penang" and then click "Join".  Then click "Back to Fixtures". You will now be a Seniors Squad Member. To make yourself available for those matches that you would like to be considered for, click "Set Availability" and choose the leagues you wish to be considered for.

You will see all the matches that you as a squad member are eligible to play in. Select the matches that you are interested in and set the “Available” indicator.  Then click the "Save" tab.

Note: this does not guarantee that you will play in each match selected, but it does show your availability to the Match Manager.

The Seniors club colours are white shirts and black sweaters, both with Blackmoor Seniors embroidered on them. Trousers or shorts must be tailored and black, navy or grey. These are available from the Pro shop. Please ensure that you are correctly attired when representing Blackmoor Seniors.

Approx. 3 weeks before each match, the Match Manager will select the team and 4/6 reserves and will post it on the notice board in the locker room. He will also email all members of the team informing them of their selection, and request that they confirm their availability by email.

If, after being selected, you find that you are cannot play, then it is your responsibility to find a replacement from the list of reserves on the notice board. You must inform your replacement and the Match Manager.





The Seniors have their own committee and the Seniors Captain also sits on the Club Captains committee.


The Seniors Committee consists of;


Seniors Captain

Seniors Vice-Captain

Immediate Past Captain



Fixtures Secretary

Up to 4 other Committee members


See link for details


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